What is a Concentrated Fund and Is it Right for You?

Funds that do not own many stocks are often referred to as concentrated (or focused).  Many of these funds have only 25 – 50 stocks.  While on the other end some funds own upwards of 1,000 stocks. Funds

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Trailing Return: What it is and How to Use it

One criterion that I look when investing is the trailing return.  Trailing return is the return that the mutual fund has achieved over the specified time period, including both capital gains and dividend

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fund manager tenure

Why a Fund Managers Tenure is Important to Your Investment Decision

  When picking out a mutual fund, one of the things I look at is fund manager tenure.    This is how long the current manager or co-managers have been running the mutual fund.   Mutual

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How to Change Your Money Beliefs

We all have money beliefs.  Some are good and some are bad – but we all have them.  These beliefs have a big impact on our ability to succeed with money. If we have a negative belief about our

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morningstar style box

What is a Style Box on Morningstar and How to Use It

Morningstar created the style box as a way to get a quick glance of where a portfolio is invested. This can be a mutual fund portfolio or even your own portfolio.There is a stock version and a bond version.What

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mutual fund fees

Understanding Mutual Fund Fees

If you think airline fees are confusing, wait till you try and understand mutual fund fees.   We are going to look at four mutual fund fees that you will encounter.    These include: management

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pe ratio

The Ultimate Guide to the PE Ratio for New Investors

The price to earnings ratio (P/E or PE ratio) is a quick way to see if a stock might be overpriced.It is also a great tool to compare different stocks.Let's take a deeper look at what the PE ratio is and

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mutual fund minimum investment

How to Understand What a Mutual Fund Minimum Investment Is

What is a mutual fund minimum investment?  It is the smallest dollar amount you can open a mutual fund with. Understanding what a minimum purchase is does not seem like it should be all that hard to understand.

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where to put emergency funds

Where to Safely Keep Your Emergency Fund [Includes Comparison Cheat Sheet]

You know you need an emergency fund, and that it should be held someplace safe. But the options of where to hold those emergency funds can be a bit confusing. There are so many accounts that it is not

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how to start learning about investing

Learn to Invest in 4 Easy Steps [First 2 May Surprise You]

When you are new to investing everything can seem overwhelming.  There is an entire language dedicated to just investing. Just looking at stocks you immediately see terms like domestic stock, large cap

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