You have worked hard to create a business that is successful and profitable.

Yet you have this nagging feeling that you are not doing enough to secure your future.

In fact, it has gotten to the point that you are now stressing out that you are blowing all your hard earned dollars.

That you will end up either working forever or broke and on the street.

So you have decided it is time to manage your money better.

But there is a catch.

Fear of making the wrong decisions with your money makes you want to leave it in a savings account

Fear Of:

    • Hiring the wrong financial planner. Worse yet, hiring one that talks down to you while selling you what you don't need.
    • Investing on your own and losing all your heard earned money.
    • Not saving enough to continue the lifestyle you enjoy.

All these make you want to keep ignoring your finances.

But that is not all.

If you do manage to move forward and start talking to people you face another problem.

Most planners have no clue how a business owners financial life is different than a people with 9-5 jobs.

Everything changes when you own a business.
  • Budgeting is different.
  • Deciding how much to save is different.
  • Diversification is harder because of your business.
  • Timing your retirement is harder.

I understand your pain.

My name is Andrea Travillian and like you I am self employed.

I have worked for myself since 2002.

  • I get that while one year may be great, another might not.
  • I get that your industry can change and what was once a great business might not be anymore.
  • I understand that besides for retirement you are worried about many other things. Such as insurance, your employees, and taxes (both personal and work).

Besides understanding you, I am trained in finance. I love investing. I bought my first stock in the 6th grade.

Crazy I know!

I got my undergraduate in finance at the University of Iowa. I then got my MBA at Creighton. Over the years I have worked in corporate finance, taxes, investing and banking.

I uniquely understand finance from all areas and am great a long term planning.

What does this mean for you?

  • I can teach you how to create a wealth plan that fits your life and business.
  • I can teach you how to understand what your financial planner is saying (if you ever decide to hire one).
  • I can help you evaluate new investment opportunities.

Best part? All without worrying if I am trying to sell you financial products.

When you work with me, I teach you how to create your own plans and understand how finances work.  I DO NOT sell financial products - everything is educational based.

No more overwhelm, confusion or feeling like you are being sold to.

With me you get straight forward tips, advice and help.

Stop putting off tomorrow and start taking control of your financial future today.

Andrea is no longer accepting private clients.  You can still access the blog.