How Doing Yoga Can Save You Money

yoga can save you moneyI love yoga.

Especially because it calms my mind and helps me improve my balance.

Both of which I find highly important to be able to successfully age while being independent.

Imagine my surprise and excitement, when I learned that yoga could also help me make better purchasing decisions.  (Journal of Marketing Research)

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Yes you read that right – yoga can help you make better purchasing decisions.

I get into some of the how here in this video and give you some ideas on how to apply some of these ideas without doing yoga right before you go to the store!

How are you going to apply these ideas to your shopping?  Know of any other tricks to save money?



  1. Well, I guess I better put on a pair of tights and start stretching! Honestly, yoga is a lot of work – and I can see how it improves ones ability to make better decisions.

    I appreciate you sharing that article from the Journal of Marketing Research.

    • Rob, thank you for watching/reading it! I will say while tights make it easier, they are not mandatory! 🙂

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