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What is the Format of an EIN?


As you are setting up your business, there may be some words, numbers, and acronyms that you don’t understand, know what they mean, or that you have simply never seen before. Not knowing this information can complicate your process in a very unnecessary way. Once your application has been processed you can verify EIN number through the website, but how do you know which is which?


Typically your EIN number will have two numbers a dash (-) and then five numbers that follow the dash. An example would be 21-56789. This format will help you to easily identify your EIN number on any of the IRS forms or documents you receive.


Louisiana Special


The process of filing your paperwork and getting your EIN number can vary from state to state. Getting a Louisiana EIN number requires more information about your business than some other states. Whether you go through the process online or complete a written application, there are additional questions that need to be answered, and the process of paperwork takes longer than in other locations. The best thing you can do to receive your IRS-EIN-Tax-ID is to make sure all of the information you have is accurate and correct. There is already a propensity to make a mistake on these types of applications. The difference any information left off of the application or any information filled out incorrectly can cause your application to be delayed and even denied.


Benefits of Working With Agency


When it comes to something this serious and detailed, it may be the best decision to work with a company who is going to make sure all of the information is completed and correct so you can get your EIN number as soon as possible especially when you live in a state that has additional regulations.