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What Is An Efficient Strategy to Make a New Staffer the Most Productive?


One of your core responsibilities as a manage is to inspire employees to be the best people they can be. If you do this well, your staffers will be happier, productive, and more efficient. The team of Los Angeles finance recruiters here at Beacon Resources want to help you make the most of your new hires. Here are our top strategies for encouraging your new workers to be more productive.

Be Transparent

Employees want to know who they’re working for and why. If they’re left in the dark, they won’t feel motivated to work as hard as they can. Don’t hide information from your new hires. When your workers feel like they’re “in the know,” they’ll have a sense of belonging. Once they feel like they belong in your company, they’ll do what it takes to make your entire operation successful.

Get to Know Them

One of the best things you can do to make employees feel empowered is by showing them you care about them. Ask about their lives. Check in on them consistently. Build a strong connection with each of your staffers. Not only will this help your employees feel cared about, but it will also help you understand what motivates them. Plus, a closer connection will make it easier to provide constructive feedback.

Reward Good Work

Avoid the temptation to award recognition for work that’s lacking. While you may think giving awards and recognition off the bat will result in productivity, it will have the opposite effect. Only appreciate work that truly deserves it. Make sure you pay attention to your employees and applaud great work as soon as it’s done. Even just a simple “good job” will make an amazing difference in keeping your workers happy and productive.

As your trusted accounting and finance recruiters Southern California, we want you to have the best experience ever with your new employees. Learn more about how we can help.