Don’t Let Years of Hard Work Go Down the Drain


You did your job and created an amazing business that provides for your family.

You get to give your kids what you did not have growing up, plus you get to splurge on the activities that make you happy.

Yet, you still have that nagging feeling you are not doing enough to save for the future. That you are throwing it out the window.

You worry that every dollar you spend just ruined your chance at retirement.

Even the fancy chocolate brownies from the it bakery you sent out at Christmas to clients have you stressing out, even though logically you know that it is part of the business.

It is not that you are bad with your finances, there was just no plan. Just quick decisions that turned out good.

Now you are piling up cash in a savings account because you don’t know what to do with the money. Scared to make a bad decision that will leave your family broke or not living the same lifestyle.

You have spent long painful days trying to find the right person to help.

You tried talking to financial planners, and other investment “experts” and they just seem slimy – out for themselves and not your money. Trying to push a templated solution to you that just does not fit your needs. All while talking down to you, like you know nothing.

You know lots about making money which is why you are here! You just need help figuring out how to manage that money outside your business – in a way that is right for your unique finance needs.

Being a problem solver you also started looking for help from financial coaches and again ran right into a brick wall. All of the “coaches” seemed to only be able to help you with one thing – debt reduction. To get you from living paycheck to paycheck.

You are beyond that, you need help with creating a lasting legacy that will allow you to do what you want when you want. To enable you to go chase that next dream when you are done running this business.

Even though you can’t see not running your business, you want to be ready when that day does come.

Luckily for you, you found the right place.

My name is Andrea and I am just like you am a business owner. Just like you I found too many condescending people that were trying to sell me the same thing that they had just sold the last 100 prospects.

Luckily I have always loved investing. So much so that after investing in my first stock in the 6th grade, I went on to get my undergraduate in finance and my MBA.

After graduating and before I realized owning your own business was the way to go, I worked in banking, investments, taxes and corporate finance – so I learned the ins and outs of the finance world.

Because of this, I was able to do enough research and experimenting to find my own way to financial security. I can proudly say that by 40, my hubby and I created a nest egg of over a million dollars, and more importantly have set it up in a way that will give us flexibility to follow our hearts, as our passions change.

financial coach

It is liberating to know that you have the foundation already set for when you need it!

Are you ready to feel relief, liberation and success?

You can have that peace of mind that comes from having a solid plan.

Financial coaching with me allows you to do that exactly that!

Over three sessions we:

  • Create a life plan for your future (kind of hard to make a financial plan without knowing where you want to go in 5, 10 or 20 years!)
  • Figure out what might hold you back from creating financial freedom, weather that is old money beliefs or lack of organization, we will find it!
  • Do a current money health check to ensure all the basics are covered before you build more on top!
  • A wealth plan on how you are going to create your wealth outside your business, based on your strengths, personality and time frames.  We can cover more than just traditional stocks, but also look at other businesses, real estate, angel investing and more! (Definitely not what your regular financial planner will talk about).

Best part? You won’t be sold any financial products, or “upgraded coaching” – in the end you get a plan that you can walk away with and implement on your own, and you walk away knowing how to recreate it in a year or two when you want updates. Of course if you want to continue working with me I won’t say no!

is financial coaching right for you

Ready to find out if this is the right thing for you? Schedule a complimentary strategy session, where we can go through your goals and needs to see if this is a match for you.

Click below and you will be taken to my online scheduling once there click on strategy session and pick a time!

Just in case you want the nitty gritty details first:

Investment: $3,500 – This includes the three sessions, all the workbooks and lessons necessary for you to complete your portion of the paperwork and email access to me between sessions.

How are sessions held?  We “meet” via phone or Skype.  I will give you the number to call or we will connect on Skype!

You schedule all sessions, by using my handy online scheduling tool.  No need to send emails back and forth trying to figure out good times – couples love this because they can do it together at night!

Don’t run the risk of ending up with a retirement you don’t want!