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The Best Lab Testing Software of 2018


Every lab comes with its own needs, and those needs need the right software to be met. Whether you run a small operation from your home or are in need of something for a much larger scale, these tools are guaranteed to give your tests the edge they need to succeed.

MedicsPM Laboratory Billing

This ingenious software helps laboratories obtain every last penny they need for a test with an astounding 99% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims. It features full LIS integrations as well as sales commission reports, payer-based authorization alerts, and dozens of other useful features for securing the funds you need for your research.

Polytech LIS

CompProMed’s Polytech LIS aims to eliminate the nickel and diming model that other software often features without limiting your features. It’s ability to scale as you grow comes in handy, as does its ability to expedite patient record processes and interface with numerous applications. Throw in automate data collection, and you have the closest thing to perfect this industry has seen in a long time.


An international favorite, StudyLog.com offers web-based applications aimed at increasing your workflow and making analyzation a breeze. Its features are fully customizable for your studies, and the connectivity between multiple teams offers instantaneous collaboration. Last, but not least, it is fully integratable with your existing databases.

Avalon Laboratory

This highly sophisticated set of programs was designed to manage all of your production and billing needs. Avalon Laboratory’s abilities include automating all areas of the laboratory, while giving your workers an easy workflow and rapid turnaround of their lab results at a profit. With secure web-based reporting and a billing and business intelligence feature, it’s highly advanced.

LabCollector LIMS

This is a network-based application that targets your core facilities. It can help you to keep track of samples arriving for processing, track statuses, and even generate reports. With billing management and user configuration added in, it’s easy to see why this one made the list.

Document Control

Looking to take control of your laboratory’s documents and procedure manuals? This takes all of your documents and places them into an easy to use online system that provides employees with up to date copies. The online system is entirely user friendly, and this little piece of software is vital for ensuring your lab is in compliance at all time.

Laboratory Information Systems

OrchardSoftware has offered leading software for awhile now, and this LIS system holds true to that reputation. It’s ability to integrate between everything from hospitals to student health centers is impressive, but the extensive field testing capabilities can’t be beat. Finally, it even comes with remote access.

The Best Software of 2018

These are just a few of the top competitors on the market this year. There are over 100 useful software programs designed for a wide variety of laboratory situations and industries. With more lined up on the horizon for later this year, you can fully update your systems to make studies more efficient.