How Mom Entrepreneurs Can Have a Morning Ritual


morning ritualEvery entrepreneur wants to find ways that can improve their effectiveness and keep themselves sane.

One such way to do accomplish this is by having a morning ritual.

I am a big fan of the morning ritual.  It is the reason I can function in the morning!

However, there is one thing that most of the people talking about the morning ritual skips right over.

And that is how a mom entrepreneur, especially if the kids are elementary age or younger, can actually manage to pull off a ritual on a regular basis.

The standard advice is that you just need to wake up early, but every mom knows the second they wake up early the kids sense you are trying to have time to yourself and wake up with you!

Thus many mom entrepreneurs just skip the morning ritual.

I am here to tell you that it is possible to have a ritual!  I have had a morning ritual since my son was an infant (and he was not a good sleeper so almost always awake with me).

Following are some ways to make your own morning ritual that works.

Have Realistic Expectations

This can be a broad theme for being a mom entrepreneur, but this really is the key in successfully having a morning ritual.

You cannot expect that you will be able to get through your entire ritual every day.

Don’t get your heart set on having this idealistic morning.   Your kids have other plans for you! (Click to Tweet)

By setting realistic expectations, you will be happier when you do get to do your full morning, it will be a welcome surprise.

Customize Your Own Routine

Don’t feel like you have to do everything exactly as everyone else.

If meditating is not for you, don’t choose that.  Choose things that you need to allow yourself to be focused and ready for the day.  This is about your morning and not some middle age man’s morning or even a young female college graduate’s morning – it is yours!

When my son was an infant my ritual only involved one thing – reading an industry magazine with a nice cup of coffee.  For me this was perfect, as I love to read, needed to be updated on my industry and coffee is required as I am not a morning person.  This also worked with me, because if my son did wake up, I could feed him his bottle and then rock him while reading.  It was a win for me, but did not really fit into anyone’s suggested morning ritual.

Fun side note:  I even tried to get mom bonus points by reading my trade journal out loud to my son.  They say that reading to your children from an early age can help language skills and school success.  This is also why he probably fell right back to sleep after eating!

Don’t Give Up

There will be mornings, heck there will be weeks, where you just can’t get to your morning ritual.  Do not let that become your excuse for not maintaining a ritual.  Just keep trying everyday and eventually you will get the chance to complete it.

I can promise those of you with young kids that it does get easier.  The older my son gets the more he wants to sleep in and I have more mornings that I actually get my entire routine in!  This has also allowed me to expand my rituals beyond just reading.  Now I can mediate, check my schedule and read, with coffee of course!

Don’t lose hope, you can have your own morning ritual – you just need to make it fit the mom way of life!

I would love to hear how you get your morning ritual time in and what you do, please comment below.

Ashley says February 5, 2015

Andrea, THANK YOU for writing that! I’m so SICK of hearing about moms who wake up at 5 am, so they can meditate and write in peace and quiet, and drink some green juice. Our bedroom is RIGHT beside our sons … along with the bathroom and the kitchen. Small house, so he hears within minutes of me waking up, whether it’s 6 am or 9 am. Yes, we have a sound machine in his room. Yes, there are pillow stuffed under his door so he hears less. He still hears me. Leaving this as a comment on the blog post, too. Seriously, thank you!

    ANDREA says February 5, 2015

    Ashley, you are so welcome! If your son is like mine he would hear me, but never my hubby! 🙂

RB Fast says February 5, 2015

As a newish mamapreneur, I’m trying to tap every resource I can to figure out how to do this working from home thing in the best way possible. Thank you for bringing my attention to the value of a morning routine!

Kristen Golden says February 5, 2015

Great tips for having a morning routine – especially having realistic expectations. It struck me that all of these tips apply perfectly to parenting in general! Have realistic expectations, do what’s right for you, and don’t give up.

    ANDREA says February 5, 2015

    So true, they are applicable to most parenting situations! Especially having realistic expectations!

Sara says February 5, 2015

Ah…the morning ritual. It DOES IN FACT get easier as your kids age. I am one of those moms that LOVES getting up insanely early to have peace before the household joins me. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
And I do what everyone says not to do first. I check my email.
And I do what every nutritionist tells you what not to consume. I drink espresso.
And it makes me so damn happy and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And I sometimes do yoga — but only if I feel like it.
Then the world wakes up the ritual becomes communal.

    ANDREA says February 5, 2015

    Sara, I go with the feel like it approach a lot too, and drink large amounts of coffee – like I am not supposed to do!!

Janna says February 5, 2015

Exactly what I needed to hear 🙂 thank-you for keeping it real!

    ANDREA says February 5, 2015

    Glad it hit the spot!

Adrienne S says February 5, 2015

Thank you Andrea for addressing this. I’ve read lots of other articles and tips too about rituals, and the only ones that ever worked for me were ones I could be flexible with. My son often wakes very early, and my ritual has to be ready for lots of interruptions (he has autism, and is a morning person, wakes up jumping out of bed and singing loudly or shouting, right away). So years ago, I started doing some dishes while the coffee pot ran every morning, then spending 30 minutes or so playing silly Facebook games. It helps me wake up, and do something productive right away, even if it doesn’t affect my day much. It affects my mood though. 🙂

    ANDREA says February 6, 2015

    Adrienne, I think you nailed what a morning ritual is all about – your mood and getting your mindset right. I am not a morning person, so my 6 am wake up call is all about being ready for the rest of the family in 40 minutes!

Sara says February 5, 2015

I hated that suggestion to get up an hour before your kids for years. Made me want to throw something. Last year, I did it though. My kids were finally sleeping until about 7 so getting up before them didn’t seem as undoable as when they were getting up at say 5 or 4:30 AM. I was going along great—until the time change and all of a sudden my kids were up an hour early and then it was the holidays and we were all off schedule . . . I’m slowly getting back into a morning routine. The hardest part for me is shutting down and going to bed on time. When I do get up early, often I write, sometimes I get a crucial piece of work done so that however the rest of my day unfolds I know it’s done, some mornings I do a little yoga, some mornings I read and look up and realize I better get the kids up if we’re going to get to school on time. Having realistic expectations is the key. Having kids who sleep helps a lot too.

    ANDREA says February 6, 2015

    Sara, it would be nice to have a kid who sleeps a lot! I just keep looking forward to the teenage years! 🙂 There are many times I hear business and life advice that I want to throw something, as I know it was not ever thought of with kids in mind!

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