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My name is Andrea Travillian and I help small business owners manage their finances and invest for their future – outside their company.

I have been passionate about business and investing from a young age (bought my first stock in 6th grade), and have my BA in finance from the University of Iowa and my MBA from Creighton University.

After working in banking, mortgages, investments, corporate finance and taxes, I realized my skill lie in educating and helping others understand their business finances and find financial security.  In 2007, I started Smart Step, Inc to help business owners better manage all aspects of their finances.

I have written five books on different aspects of personal finance including budgeting, the relationship between money and your health and debt reduction.

In my free time I enjoy reading (typically about investing), fitness and traveling.

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Book Mentions:

  • The Complete Guide to Your Personal Finances Online: Step-by-Step Instructions to Take Control of Your Financial Future Using the Internet – by Tamsen Butler

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Short bio:

Andrea Travillian is a personal finance and investing expert for small business owners.   She has her MBA and undergraduate in finance and has been self-employed since 2002.  She is an author, speaker, wife, mom and business owner!

You can find out more at Take A smart