Five Ways to Increase Your Motivation


increase motivationWe all have days that we are not motivated to work, or to do anything for that matter.  Yet the key to making continual progress in life is to keep moving forward each and every day.

So what do you do to give yourself a jump start and get moving?  I have a variety of things that work for me when I need to get motivated:

  1. Workout – I realize you might actually need motivation to work out, but it can also be a great way for you to get motivated for other things.  Now since this one sometimes requires its own motivation I will allow myself a slow walk with a strong coffee to get me going, it always helps and gets me into the workout.
  2. Build a list of things that make you happy- take the time to write a list of things that make you happy when you do them.  Anytime you are happy and upbeat it is much easier to be motivated.  For me this is list includes coffee and a magazine at a local coffee shop or relaxing in the hot tub.  Make sure you write this list down and have it ready so that when you are having a bad day you can quickly grab the list and pick one out!
  3. Watch a motivational video or read something inspirational – I personally use the 212 movie; it is a great motivator (and short) or even read a list of quotes.
  4. Change things up – sometimes we just need a change to our routine to kick our motivation in gear.  An example might be starting the day with something different such as instead of starting with returning phone calls, start with some easy filing or desk clean up.  Many times it just takes a small change to get your motivation back.
  5. Give yourself 10 minutes – tell yourself that you are going to work on your activity for 10 minutes and then if your mood does not change you can do something else.  It is amazing how 10 minutes can turn into an hour.   You just need the small push to get your motivation going.

Now you should have some ideas on how to increase your motivation so you can achieve your goals!

Your Turn – How do you solve get going on days you don’t want to?


Pat says July 9, 2013

These are good ideas and I use a few of them myself. The 10 minute thing is very powerful. Just getting started seems to be the hard part. Sometimes (this is the opposite approach, if I can’t get started, and should be used at your own risk) I’ll also let myself lounge around for 10 minutes. I might meditate or use that time to figure out what’s important to me, which often helps motivate me to do things that I need to do. It also helps me reset after difficult tasks and feel like I’ve taken a little bit of time for myself.

Patricia Weber says July 10, 2013

All valuable tips; and I use them. For me, going outside, just a few minutes in nature, seems to be uplifting for me. It both refreshes me because it gets me out of the environment where I’m stuck and into an environment that invigorates me. Thanks for an insightful post.

Roger @ The Chicago Financial Planner says July 14, 2013

Great tips Andrea, I think this a challenge for all of us.

    ANDREA says July 17, 2013

    @Roger, thank you!

Mark Ross says July 14, 2013

You shared great ideas out there. Thanks! I also have some motivational problems myself and some of those help me to be motivated again.

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