Step by Step Process on Moving Your Checking to a New Bank


how to switch banksHave you finally moved your accounts to a new bank after years of disliking your old bank?

Before you get too excited and close down your old account you will need to do some final things to switch banks.

Here is exactly what you need to do!  (Text below if you prefer.)



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Steps to take after you have opened a new checking account and need to switch everything from the old account!

1. Keep open the old account for a while – put in a couple hundred dollars for a few months.  This allows you to catch any expenses you forgot about and get all the new debit cards for the new account.

2. Order anything you need for the new account that did not get ordered during set up.  This might include: debit cards, checks*, or deposit stamps.

3. Review two to three months of old statements.  You are looking for any automatic withdrawals that you have set up to come out of the old account or any auto deposits that are coming in the account!  No need to lose any income or bounce any withdrawals.

4.  Once you have found an automatic withdrawal or deposit, contact the provider and give them the new account information.

5.  Set up any connections to other accounts you have such as paypal or online savings accounts.

6.  Finally after a few months, go ahead and close the old account.

* I highly recommend checks unlimited.  I have used them for years and they are much cheaper than ordering through your bank.  This is an affiliate link.

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