Ladies Stop Putting Off Investing: How to Start Investing Today


women and investingWomen are starting more businesses, making more money and basically rocking it!

However, we are still not investing the way we should.

Be bring home the bacon and then never cook it to perfection!

In this week’s video we look at why you need to be investing and how to get started!  (Below are the three tips to get you started investing)




How to Start Investing

  1. Figure out what you want.  When you know why you are investing and why you want to grow your wealth, the fear starts to go away. You have to know your why, to want to do it!
  2. Start slow – you do not need to become an expert overnight. I have been investing a long time and I still don’t know everything. But I take a topic at a time and learn it.  Take 15 minutes a day or even  a week and start to learn and before you know it you will love investing.
  3. Start with a resource that you trust. It can be hard to pick out trust worthy financial help, but it is possible. I recommend starting with books such as dummies guides.   I love them for many reasons – you can trust the writer, they are easy to understand and they are nicely broken out.  A good one to start with is Investing For Dummies.  I also like Morningstar as a source, while not 100% unbiased, they are one of the most independent sources.

Want one on one help figuring out your investing plans?  Check out my financial coaching service.

naguakkina says June 5, 2014


Awesome article !
Investing is the good start for business and your article was very informative , I like your other articles too.

Best Regard’s
Nagu Akkina

Jason Green says July 22, 2014

Some good points by Andrea about how to start investing. Investing is not an easy process and need to consider the following points:
* Are You Financially Fit?
* What Are You Going to Do With the Money?
* Do You Understand Your Investment Options?
* Do You Need a Financial Planner?
* What Options Are Available to Me?

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