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GovDocFiling Can Help You File for Your EIN in All States


If you are planning to establish your own business, you must consider getting your EIN or Employment Identity Number. You can apply for EIN online no matter which state you are residing as you need to pay taxes to both federal and state.

EIN is basically your unique identification number when reporting employment tax, and will be used for federal tax purposes.

Do not get confused with the process. Your tax ID will still remain the same, but transferring to another state would require your business to get a state-issued tax ID.

You can order your EIN (aka Tax ID) from the IRS of the state you belong. To make your life less confusing, you can always apply for EIN online with the help of a tax-filing company like GovDocFiling.

If not, it may take time for you to wait for the ordering process to be completed. You also have to wait for the information you submitted to be reviewed and approved before you can receive your tax ID.

When you are planning to move your business to a new state, ordering a tax ID from your new state is a requirement. You can contact GovDocFiling now to help you by ordering your new EIN even before your transfer.

Moving your business to a new state will not change your business’ EIN. But if you have plans to hire new employees or hire more employees, your business needs to order another EIN.

When transferring even without establishing your specific address yet, you can already order your EIN to avoid delays. You can again apply for EIN online or let the experts take care of that for you.

GovDocFiling can make your life easier by simplifying the process for your business EIN application. Just be sure to update your address information and other documents required when you already got your specific address.