Investing for Busy People: Four Steps to Get You Started

how to invest moneyDo you think investing will take too much time?

Do you think that you have to have someone else manage your investments for you?

Well think again!  Set aside a bit of time, and you can have your investments up and running, one hour should do it. (Text below the video)


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Step 1: Set up an account at one firm.  No need to have everything scattered all over the place.  Try and find one that you like that can service not only your current needs but that you can grow with  and covers both personal needs and business needs.  Examples of  major firms to start looking at: Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, TD Ameritrade*, and Charles Schwab.

Step 2: Select an index mutual fund.  No active trading means you get market return without spending excess time figuring out what to invest in. (Big time saver, and a great way to invest).

Step 3:  Set up an auto draft monthly to go from your checking account to your investment.  You don’t have to worry about transferring the money it just does it automatically!  Investing without one more to do item!

Step 4: Check once a year to make sure you are on target for your goal.  Find an online retirement calculator that you like and adjust your investments as needed. (This article has a retirement calculator at the end: How to Create a Financial Planning

Action time: sit down right now and get this all set up!  Don’t have time right this minute?  Schedule an appointment with yourself to do it – and keep that appointment.

Have questions?  Please comment below and I will try and help!  New to investing and want to look at other investing topics? Check out my summary page of my articles for investing for beginners.



  1. Great advice on simplifying something that many of us make more difficult than it needs to be. This article makes investing sound pretty painless and easy. Thank you for sharing this!

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