Exercise Your Way to a Higher Income

 exercise for higher income

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We wish our problems were black and white.  We wish we could change one thing and everything would be instantly better.  But life and its problems don’t tend to work that way.  Most of our problems are like onions – they have many layers and they can sometimes make us cry while making our lives tastier in the end!  It takes time to get through each layer and find the solutions that solve our problem and make our life better.

Increasing your income is one of those problems that has many different layers.  There are many issues that determine what you are paid including: your education, your physical location, your experience, and your level of competence.  Yet one thing that impacts your income, but we often don’t think about is your level of exercise.

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It has been show that if you exercise three times a week you will make more money – six to nine percent more!  This is due to your increased energy and productivity levels that exercise helps you achieve.  (Source)  Exercise is a miracle worker in giving you energy, a great attitude and a desire to do better in every area of life.  By increasing our exercise we can impact our overall attitude and have a greater chance at being better at our job – thus increasing our income.

So how do you go about getting in more exercise when you are already busy and how much will actually make a difference to your income?

What Exercise to Start With:

You can really start with any exercise that you prefer as long as you are going to stick to doing it on a regular basis.  However it has even been shown that as little as 15 minutes of walking can increase your energy levels significantly.  So if you don’t really want to start a full out exercise program then start with small amounts of walking, you will still get the energy boost you are looking for.

Add to Your Schedule:

I know you have heard this before, but it is worth repeating.  If you add it to your schedule and make it a required part of the day then you will remember to do it.  The only way that you will get it into your busy day is to plan for it.  Make yourself a priority and add it to your schedule.

Walk with Work Buddies:

If you are really struggling to get the exercise into your day find someone at work to join you.   Make it a team effort; head out for walks at lunch time.  One of my most fit times in my life is when I was working out with my colleagues.  No one was allowed to miss if they did not feel like it and since we were all doing it, you never felt like the odd man out!

Ultimately by making even a short walk a priority in your day you can increase your energy levels making it easier to get that raise you have been looking for!

“Exercise can increase your income 6 – 10%”  (Click to Tweet Quote)

Editor’s Note: Check with your doctor before you start any exercise program.  This article did not focus on the research on obesity and income because of two issues.  First, much of the data is incomplete in that it only looks at one aspect, and most use BMI, which I believe is a bad measure of obesity.  Second, part of the research shows that it is not so much a healthy weight factor impacting your income but a societal issue in what we expect successful men and women to look like.  I want you to become healthy for the right reason and not manage your weight based on ideal income levels. 

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  1. “It has been show that if you exercise three times a week you will make more money – six to nine percent more!” No way! That’s amazing and you know what, ever since I started exercising 30 minutes everyday versus 1.5 hours 3 times per week I feel a lot more energetic and definitely have increased my work time productivity.
    For me, the more gentle daily routine has been more beneficial.

    • Amazing right! I love research on money and our health. I do 30 minutes to an hour a day because I feel it is more manageable than longer sessions. Plus the research has shown that even though hard workouts do improve your energy in the long run, you are tired after it first. But with the lower intensity workouts you can get the energy benefits sooner.

  2. Interesting! My husband recently started walking every morning, and it’s made a huge impact on his waistline, and his spending, but I never thought about income!

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