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why can't i save for retirement

The 3 Real Reasons You Are Not Saving for Retirement

In a recent survey I asked why people were not saving for retirement. A whopping 51.6% said that it was because they did not have enough money. I compare this to the reason behind why many people do not

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benefits of financial goals

3 Reasons Why You Need to Set a Specific Financial Goal

Are your financial goals very specific in what you want?   No?   Well what if I were to tell you that if you set a specific financial goal that your chances of achieving it go up? Would

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Is it time to change your personal goals

How to Know when it is Okay to Stop Working on a Goal

You have set a goal and have been working hard at achieving it, yet something feels off to you.  Could it be that you are chasing the wrong goal and it might be time for a change? Knowing the difference

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achieve your goals

Struggling to Achieve Your Goals: One Easy Change to Help

Setting a goal and achieving a goal are two different things.  Once you have set the goal you still need to do the work to ensure that you can achieve it.  The first step should be to break your goals

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personal financial plan

Best Way to Achieve Your Dreams: a Life Plan and a Financial Plan

Do you ever feel like you are wandering around aimless?  Are you sure of where you want to go but not quite sure if you are on track for getting there?  Two very important plans can assist you in eliminating

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how to set goals

How to Set Goals You Actually Want to Achieve

Planning a vacation without picking a location would be a pretty hard task to achieve.  You would not be able to arrange how to get there, where to stay or what to do.  When you select your vacation

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women retirement plans

Women and Retirement Planning: What You Need to do Different than Men

Men and women are different.  I don’t think anyone would argue this, in fact many books have been written about these differences.    Since we are different should women invest differently for retirement

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Goal Setting 101: What You Need to Know to Start Setting Goals

I love to set goals – have for as long as I can remember.  Why do I like goals so much?  When I set a goal and properly plan how I am going to accomplish the goal, then I don’t have to worry about

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Goal Setting: Are Your Goals Large Enough

Do you dream big enough?  Do you allow your goals to be set at the highest and best possible option for you?  Many of us are guilty of not setting goals that allow us to achieve what we are capable of. 

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How to Achieve Your Large Goals

Recently I have been working on some big goals and last night had a big case of overwhelm.  Luckily last night my brain was quick to remind me that I have tackled many large goals in the past and had

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