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Why You Need to Save for Retirement Now: the Benefis of Investing Early

Your number one financial goal should be to get yourself into a position where you are saving for retirement as early as possible.  Why?  Because the benefits of investing for retirement early cannot

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pay off debt or save

Debt Pay off or Retirement Savings: Are You on the Right Track?

The hardest part of personal finance is that it is personal.  A solution that is one size fits all does not exist; each and every single one of us is different.  Add on top of that the possibility that

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women retirement plans

Women and Retirement Planning: What You Need to do Different than Men

Men and women are different.  I don’t think anyone would argue this, in fact many books have been written about these differences.    Since we are different should women invest differently for retirement

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Mutual Fund Turnover Ratio: What You Need to Know to Pick a Fund

Another investing term that you need to get used to and understand (yes there are tons of them): Mutual fund turnover ratio. The turnover ratio is how often the fund is buying and selling stocks.   It

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where to save money

Money Saving Quick Guide: Where to Put Your Money for Financial Goals

You have your financial goals set, you are ready to start building up your savings but you have one problem – you don’t know where to save your money.  Not to worry here is a quick guide on where

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personal savings rate

1 Magic Number to Help You Reach Retirement: Personal Savings Rate

As a whole American’s have been saving less and less. Back in the 1980’s our savings rate was in the double digits, but each passing year it went lower and lower.  In October or 2001 it was a measly

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Increase Your Retirement Savings

What is a Non-Deductible IRA: Are They Right for You

You just got a raise at work and paid off all your debt.  Now you can’t wait to start a new IRA in addition to maxing out your 401K.  Sadly you quickly learn that you don’t meet the requirements

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Retirement Planning: Should Your 401K Match be Part of Your Savings Goal

  As you are setting up your retirement plan there are many decisions that need to be made that will end up impacting your net worth.  Deciding if you should count your companies 401K match as part

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index fund basics

[Index Fund Basics] Are They a Mistake or the Way to Go

Anytime you are learning about investing you can’t avoid the words: indexes and index fund investing. It can be hard to tell if this is a trend, hype or really a great way to invest. Following I

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save for retirement

Saving for Retirement in a Broken Retirement System

Our retirement system is broken. The concept of retirement is new.  Up until the industrial revolution you worked until you died.  Pensions did not exist.  You saved, families supported multiple generations

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