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benefits of financial goals

The Power of Setting Specific Financial Goals

Are your financial goals very specific in what you want?   No?   Well what if I were to tell you that if you set a specific financial goal that your chances of achieving it go up? Would

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what is margin trading

What is Trading on Margin

Have you heard the term “trading on margin”? Ever wondered what it meant? The short definition (for those that want to know what it is without all the boring math details.) Trading on margin

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what is a mutual fund load

What is a No Load Mutual Fund

Ever here that an investment has a load or is a no load and been confused?  No more, here is a run down on what a load is.  (Text below video) The initial and deferred sales fees make up what are commonly

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not ready to invest, do this now

Not Ready to Invest? Steps You Should Take to Get Ready

Feel like you are not ready to start investing?  Think that gives you a free ticket to ignore investing right now? Don’t make that mistake, there are still things you should be doing, even if you

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dollar cost averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum Investing

Dollar cost averaging is one of those terms that gets tossed around the investing world a lot! Dollar cost averaging is when you have a chunk of money that is ready to be invested today and you plan for

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cash is king

Cash is King: Understanding Liquidity and How to Create More

Over the years my financial focus has shifted as I have continued my money education.  I grab on to a phase and make that the “it” thing for the time.  Everything from real estate is king, to invest

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how to start investing

Four Easy Steps to Get You Started Investing Today

Do you think investing will take too much time? Do you think that you have to have someone else manage your investments for you? Are you too busy to even worry about saving for retirement? You know you

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what is a spousal ira

What is a Spousal IRA and How New Business Owners can use it to Save for Retirement

Want to save for retirement but you don’t have an earned income (or it is a small earned income)? Wish you had access to the benefits of an IRA, but that earned income thing is setting you back? Not

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4 percent rule

4 Percent Rule: How to Know if it is Right for You and Your Money?

When planning for retirement there are many generalized rules that you might stumble across. One of those rules is the 4% withdrawal rule. What this basically says is that in your first year of retirement

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How to Invest money wisely

How to Invest Money Wisely When You are New to Investing

Wondering how you can invest your money wisely, especially when you are just starting to learn how to invest?  Well, the key to investing money wisely is to understand what being wise actually means. According

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