how to have financial discipline

6 Steps to Financial Discipline & Financial Success

You have worked hard to grow your business and found success. You know what it takes to be disciplined, you do it every day with your business. Don’t believe me? Take a look at one of the definitions

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shortcuts to debt elimination

Why You Need to Stop Taking the Easy Way Out of Debt Elimination

Short cuts to paying off debt, can derail your eventual financial freedom. Make sure you are on the right track with the right plan.

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do i need a budget

Why a Budget is Critical to Building Wealth and How to Start

It seems like one of the most hated aspects of personal finance is doing a budget. Most people hear the word and cringe. they quickly begin to wonder what other wonderful things they could do besides

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Four Ways to Stop Your Emotions from Ruining your Money

I suffer from migraines.   It is often difficult to determine what is causing a migraine. They are often caused by many triggers, and not the same ones each time.   It took me over 15 years to

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understand investments

Be Sexy & 4 More Reasons You Should Understand Your Investments

There are many reasons why it is in your best interest to understand your investments. Here is a quick look at my top five reasons: 5.  It is Sexy!  Yes I said sexy, hear me out.  When you understand

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invest with no money

5 Stress Free Steps to Start Building Wealth With No Money

You have hit the point where you are ready to start investing. You have a balanced budget, you have been reading about investing and are ready to start accumulating money. At least you thought you were

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