How to Prepare for Maternity Leave When You are Self Employed

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I love being self employed. I love setting my own schedule, making my own decisions and controlling my future. My husband fielding calls from clients a couple hours after our son was born in the hospital room - NOT a great part of being self employed. Business does not seem to care if you want Read More

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Four Things About Small Business Tax Deductions Every Owner Should Know

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It is that time of year again where we all have taxes on our minds.  One of the most frequent questions that I get around taxes is what exactly can I deduct? A few things pop into my mind when I think about small business tax deductions.  Since they really don't have a "theme" to Read More

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Your Problem is Not Lack of Financial Education

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  Financial education- we all know we need more, we don't teach it and education is the key to having financially wise people. I am here to say - bullshit!   Financial education is every where- trust me I have been trying to compete in this space for 8 years now.   Education is not Read More

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How Mom Entrepreneurs Can Have a Morning Ritual

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Every entrepreneur wants to find ways that can improve their effectiveness and keep themselves sane. One such way to do this, and is currently a very popular topic, is the morning ritual. I am a big fan of the morning ritual.  It is the reason I can function in the morning! However, there is one Read More

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Warning: You Are About to Drop Your New Year’s Resolutions

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As we find ourselves at the end of January (seriously where did it go, I just finished Christmas!), you may find yourself wondering if you will be able to tackle those goals and resolutions that you set for yourself. This is the time where the motivation starts to slip and we begin to slide back Read More

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What Warren Buffett Can Teach Us About Running a Business

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Most of the time when you read about Warren Buffett it has to do with what an amazing investor he is and how you can invest like him. Yet many of his pieces of advice can be directly tied to being successful running a business as well. After all his wealth was created by purchasing Read More

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Three Step Plan to Create Small Business Financial Plans

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Creating a business plan with financial goals can be hard. After all how are you supposed to know the revenue you need to get the income you want. Especially if you are a newer business! Here are some things you can do to make the process a bit easier and help you feel like you Read More

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How to Decide What Small Business Training to Invest In

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As a business owner, especially one who spends lots of time online, it can be easy to want to take every training course that you come across. They all sound so great and you just know that this is the one course that will make your business a success. Well, I hate to break it Read More

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Questions to Ask Before You Invest in Your Business

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Right now in business I am trying to decide if I should buy new video equipment. The biggest roadblock in making this decision is if I should invest more money for my business in this particular area. Making this decision for me is part emotional and part financial. What do I mean?  I am trying Read More

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How to Manage Your Emotions While You Manage Your Business Finances

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  Small Business Finances are Emotional Yes you read that right - emotional. Taking care of your bookkeeping is nothing like running the books of a large company. Yet we still tend to think of it as a department or task in our business that is just a simple item on our to do list Read More

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