Four Ways to Simplify Your Money Management

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I know you don't want to spend too much time managing your finances. There are countless ways you would rather be spending that time. Picking up dog poop, scrubbing toilets and being delayed 9 hours on your way to vacation - are just a few of things you may rather be doing! In an effort Read More

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Five Things to Do Before You Invest in that Stock Tip

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Did you recently get a hot stock tip? Ready to run out and invest in that stock? Time to slam on the breaks! Before you put your hard earned money in a tip, you should do these five things first: Don't buy anything unless you have done your own  research!  Often times the hot tips Read More


How to Grow Your Business While You Have a Newborn

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Running a business is hard.   Raising kids is hard.   Running a business with a kid  is very hard!   Here are some tips that will help you get through those initial months of having a new baby!  So that you and your business come out of the toddler years in one piece.   Read More

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Four Steps to Decide If You Should Rent Office Space

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Are you thinking about getting some office space? Maybe joining that really cool new co-working space down the road? But you're not quite sure your business is ready for it? I want to help you figure out if it is the right move to get dedicated space for yourself or to join a coworking space Read More

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Eight Questioins to Ask a CPA Before You Hire Them

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Think a CPA is a luxury?  Think gain! I believe all business owners should have a CPA on their side. They can help you manage your the financial side of your business and personal finances that will ensure you are minimizing taxes, staying legal and maximizing retirement by having the right accounts in place. Yet Read More

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Three Reasons Your Stock Market Gain Does Not Cause Someone Else’s Loss

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Money fears and limiting beliefs can catch us at every single corner and just when you think you’ve worked through most of them, another one will pop up. One common one that I hear a lot is people are worried that when they start investing in the stock market and make money that someone else Read More


Four Investments New Investers Should Not Invest In

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I believe that everyone can learn to invest. Yes everyone! However, there are some things that when you are first learning to invest you should avoid. Jumping into these investments before you get understand the fundamentals of investing will cause you to loose money! (Watch the video instead: What Not to Invest In for Beginners) Read More


Why a Life Plan is Not a New Age Trend

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  Many of my clients don't think that the life planning portion of financial coaching is necessary. Instead they want to rush in and figure out how to make progress with their money. Yet they do the life planning, because it is part of the deal. Not because they want to but because I won't Read More

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How to Find the Money to Grow Your Business

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Watch the YouTube video: How to Fund a Small Business Ready to start a new business? Looking for money to grow your existing business? You can find the money to accomplish both without taking out loans.  Here are some things you can do to find the money to grow you business. The lower your expenses Read More

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How Doing Yoga Can Save You Money

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I love yoga. Especially because it calms my mind and helps me improve my balance. Both of which I find highly important to be able to successfully age while being independent. Imagine my surprise and excitement, when I learned that yoga could also help me make better purchasing decisions.  (Journal of Marketing Research) Yes you Read More

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