Warning: You Are About to Drop Your New Year’s Resolutions

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As we find ourselves at the end of January (seriously where did it go, I just finished Christmas!), you may find yourself wondering if you will be able to tackle those goals and resolutions that you set for yourself. This is the time where the motivation starts to slip and we begin to slide back Read More

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What Warren Buffett Can Teach Us About Running a Business

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Most of the time when you read about Warren Buffett it has to do with what an amazing investor he is and how you can invest like him. Yet many of his pieces of advice can be directly tied to being successful running a business as well. After all his wealth was created by purchasing Read More

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How to Create Small Business Financial Plans

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Creating a business plan with financial goals can be hard. After all how are you supposed to know the revenue you need to get the income you want. Especially if you are a newer business! Here are some things you can do to make the process a bit easier and help you feel like you Read More

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How to Decide What Small Business Training to Take

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As a business owner, especially one who spends lots of time online, it can be easy to want to take every training course that you come across. They all sound so great and you just know that this is the one course that will make your business a success. Well, I hate to break it Read More

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How to Know When to Invest More Money in Your Business

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Right now in business I am trying to decide if I should buy new video equipment. The biggest roadblock in making this decision is if I should invest more money for my business in this particular area. Making this decision for me is part emotional and part financial. What do I mean?  I am trying Read More

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How to Manage Your Emotions While You Manage Your Business Finances

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  Small Business Finances are Emotional Yes you read that right - emotional. Taking care of your bookkeeping is nothing like running the books of a large company. Yet we still tend to think of it as a department or task in our business that is just a simple item on our to do list Read More

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Three Steps to Get on Top of Your Year End Tax Planning

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  The end of the year is going to be here faster than you can blink your eyes, after all Thanksgiving is next week! This is also the time to get on top of your business finances so that tax time and 2015 can start with your focus on 2015 profits and not scrambling to Read More

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How to Stop Losing Money on Advertising

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  I often hear the question - should I advertise on Facebook?  What about Google? This is not a clear cut yes or no question. Instead there are many factors that come into account when deciding if you should advertise or not. Luckily there is one way that you can determine if advertising is good Read More

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Three Business Metrics All Businesses Should Track

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Ready to start managing your business finances better? Still confused what numbers to even start watching? Here are three that will help you get started! Cash flow is about how much cash you actually have to run your business.  Remember cash is king!  If you are making sales, but not collecting the money you may Read More

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Why it is Important to Track Your Business Finances

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  I know you have heard it - you must take care of your business finances. But it is not exactly the world's most exciting thing to do! It is easy to put off doing it in favor of other more exciting things, like writing your blog, working with clients or organizing your file cabinet Read More

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