Three Steps to Get on Top of Your Small Business Finances Before 2015

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  The end of the year is going to be here faster than you can blink your eyes, after all Thanksgiving is next week! This is also the time to get on top of your business finances so that tax time and 2015 can start with your focus on 2015 profits and not scrambling to Read More

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How to Stop Losing Money on Advertising

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  I often hear the question - should I advertise on Facebook?  What about Google? This is not a clear cut yes or no question. Instead there are many factors that come into account when deciding if you should advertise or not. Luckily there is one way that you can determine if advertising is good Read More

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Financial Metrics for the Solopreneur

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Ready to start managing your business finances better? Still confused what numbers to even start watching? Here are three that will help you get started! Cash flow is about how much cash you actually have to run your business.  Remember cash is king!  If you are making sales, but not collecting the money you may Read More

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Warning: Not Watching Your Business Numbers Could Harm Your Profits

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  I know you have heard it - you must take care of your business finances. But it is not exactly the world's most exciting thing to do! It is easy to put off doing it in favor of other more exciting things, like writing your blog, working with clients or organizing your file cabinet Read More

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How to Simplify Managing Your Finances

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I know you don't want to spend too much time managing your finances. There are countless ways you would rather be spending that time. Picking up dog poop, scrubbing toilets and being delayed 9 hours on your way to vacation - are just a few of things you may rather be doing! In an effort Read More

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Warning: Is That Stock Tip Really That Great

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Did you recently get a hot stock tip? Ready to run out and invest in that stock? Time to slam on the breaks! Before you put your hard earned money in a tip, you should do these five things first: Don't buy anything unless you have done your own  research!  Often times the hot tips Read More


How to Survive Your New Born and Your Business

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Running a business is hard.   Raising kids is hard.   Running a business with a kid  is very hard!   Here are some tips that will help you get through those initial months of having a new baby!  So that you and your business come out of the toddler years in one piece.   Read More

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Are You Ready for a Coworking Space

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Are you thinking about getting some office space? Maybe joining that really cool new co-working space down the road? But you're not quite sure your business is ready for it? I want to help you figure out if it is the right move to get dedicated space for yourself or to join a coworking space Read More

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How to Interview a Prospective CPA

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Think a CPA is a luxury?  Think gain! I believe all business owners should have a CPA on their side. They can help you manage your the financial side of your business and personal finances that will ensure you are minimizing taxes, staying legal and maximizing retirement by having the right accounts in place. Yet Read More

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Three Reasons Your Stock Market Gain Does Not Cause Someone Else’s Loss

0 comments if i make money in stocks do others lose money

Money fears and limiting beliefs can catch us at every single corner and just when you think you’ve worked through most of them, another one will pop up. One common one that I hear a lot is people are worried that when they start investing in the stock market and make money that someone else Read More


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