How to Fund a Small Business

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Watch the YouTube video: How to Fund a Small Business Ready to start a new business? Looking for money to grow your existing business? You can find the money to accomplish both without taking out loans.  Here are some things you can do to find the money to grow you business. The lower your expenses Read More

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How Doing Yoga Can Save You Money

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I love yoga. Especially because it calms my mind and helps me improve my balance. Both of which I find highly important to be able to successfully age while being independent. Imagine my surprise and excitement, when I learned that yoga could also help me make better purchasing decisions.  (Journal of Marketing Research) Yes you Read More

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Are You a Candidate for Financial Coaching

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Thinking about hiring a financial coach? Not sure if you are a good candidate for financial coaching? Ensuring that coaching is right for you can save you time and money. Following are some traits and factors that will help you get the most from coaching, plus one bonus trait for working specifically with me! You Read More

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Warning: Two Factors Stopping Your Financial Success


Often times I’m asked what the biggest roadblock is to financial success. For the most part there are two problems that you need to deal with when achieving financial success. The first is mindset - not believing that you can manage your money or that you can ever change your financial situation. If you don’t Read More

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Ten Must Read Non-Fiction Books

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I was recently asked which non-fiction books should be at the top of the list for a new college graduate wanting to work on personal development and their finances. Upon creating my list I realized that these books were not just great for new college graduates but anyone wanting to better their life. Millionaire Mind Read More

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Steps to Move to a New Checking Account

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Have you finally moved your accounts to a new bank after years of disliking your old bank? Before you get too excited and close down your old account you will need to do some final things to switch banks. Here is exactly what you need to do!  (Text below if you prefer.)     Watch Read More

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Women and Investing: Why We Need to Invest More

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Women are starting more businesses, making more money and basically rocking it! However, we are still not investing the way we should. Be bring home the bacon and then never cook it to perfection! In this week's video we look at why you need to be investing and how to get started!  (Below are the Read More


Create Your Own Rules for Success

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You are working on creating a thriving business and life. Yet you feel like all the books and how to information is created for someone else. It just never works for you, or seems close to impossible to accomplish. I understand completely how you feel. After years of trying to follow the "right" rules on Read More

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Why You Need to Set Specific Financial Goals

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Have you set a retirement goal. No? Well what if I were to tell you that if you set a retirement goal that you would more confidence you could reach your goal, and you would actually save more. Would you set a retirement goal then? Well this week I am going to focus on three Read More

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What is Trading on Margin

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  Have you heard the term "trading on margin"? Ever wondered what it meant? Well, you have found the right spot, as that is exactly what we are going to cover in this article. First the short version for those that want to know what it is without all the boring math details. Trading on Read More


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