Take A Smart Step

Why You Need to Stop Taking the Easy Way Out of Debt Elimination


shortcuts to debt eliminationI know you came here looking for information on the perfect plan for eliminating debt. Before you run away because we are talking about weight loss, please stick around for the similarities.

So you have gained a bit of weight and want to take it off.  As I am sure you are aware it is sometimes a bumpy ride.

It takes lots of hard work, discipline, and persistence to do it right.

When you are trying to lose weight it is easy to want to try short cuts.  You may consider everything from pills, to extreme diets to “exercise” gizmos. Such as the jiggle your stomach to make you loose weight thing. (We all know someone was buying them!)

You end up gaining it all back, or worse you end up hurt because the product was unsafe.

Losing weight the right way means exercising, changing your diet, getting sleep and managing stress.

This leads to lasting healthy weight loss.

Eliminating debt after you have taken on extra debt is no different.

If you try short cuts to make it less painful, chances are it is not going work for the long run.

Like bad dieting you end up with the debt back and you feel even more deflated than before.

Benefits of Getting Rid of Debt the Right Way

Not convinced it would be worth it to take the “hard” way to being debt free? Here are some benefits that come from doing it the right way.

  • Increased self esteem. This happens because when you tackle hard tasks and win you get a sense of accomplishment.  You prove to yourself that you can set a goal and achieve it.
  • You get long lasting financial freedom. Through doing it the right way you learn the skills to stay out of financial trouble and create wealth.
  • Improved health – yes you read that right. You will become healthier. Studies have shown that the more debt you have the higher your chances are for many health problems. Including heart attack, migraines and intestinal issues. Drop the debt and you get to enjoy better health!

Convinced to not take the easy route?

Ready to figure out what the right plan is?

Like losing weight has a tried and true method, so does reducing your debt.

This formula is increase income, reduce expenses and pay extra on your debts.

Nothing fancy needed.

Four Tips to A Working Debt Diet

Commit to the process.

Decide that you are ready to make the changes necessary and do the work to pay off debt for good.

If you are not committed you will lack the patience that you need to stick to your plan. There will be issues that arise, so the more committed you are the more likely you are to succeed.

Follow through tip: Write down your commitment and sign it like you would a contract. Then post it where you see it everyday.

Do a budget

I know the dreaded “b” word. Unfortunately this is necessary for you to know where your money is going.

This is like counting calories. Not exactly fun but one of the only ways to know if you are eating too many calories.

It helps guide you to the real problems and then you can solve them.

Just keep in mind that a budget is not a restriction on you, but instead the tool to help you stick to your priorities.

Stick to your budget and debt repayment plan

I realize this might seem like a rather obvious unnecessary piece of advice.  Unfortunately the reality is that it is all too easy to create a budget and plan to pay off debt and then end up not doing it.

So how do you stick with it?

  • Make a game of it.  An example would be when you get a certain amount paid off you get to add back your manicure for a month.
  • Keep your why handy. Why do you want to pay off debt? What does it mean for your life? Post a picture of what you envision life like when the debt is gone.  A little visual motivation is extremely powerful.
  • Remove temptations.  If your downfall is shoes, do not go to the shoe store.  If your downfall is trips to the coffee shop, then spend a little to get an espresso machine and use that instead. (It will pay for itself within a few months).

Revise and repeat the above process.

As life changes your plan will have to adjust.

Take the time to update your budget and recommit yourself to the process and it will be easier to stay on task.

Life is not static, so your plan cannot be static.  The plan needs to flow with life.  This way you know you are following the right plan and it will help to keep you motivated to stay with it.

Finally you will reach a point when you lose all that extra debt.  The journey will have been worth the struggle and you will feel better than you can imagine right now.