Struggling to Achieve Your Goals: One Easy Change to Help


Setting a goal and achieving a goal are two different things.  Once you have set the goal you still need to do the work to ensure that you can achieve it.  The first step should be to break your goals down into manageable tasks (how to break down big goals to small goals).

However, you should not stop there; the real secret in achieving your goals is to ensure that you actually do the tasks necessary for you to achieve the goal.  How do you do this?  Take the small manageable tasks that you came up with to reach your goals and add them to a to-do list.

I realize this might seem like a very simple action to take, but without taking this step what you need to do to achieve your goals gets pushed to the back burner.  Instead of taking steps every day to achieve your goals you end up tackling what is on fire.

Select a To-Do System:

The first thing you need to-do is select a way to track and manage your list.  There are many ways to track your to-do list, the most important thing is to find one that you like and will stick to using.  You can use old fashioned paper and pen, a planner system such as a Franklin Planner or an app for your phone.

I recommend the app route because you can take it with you everywhere while not lugging around a paper planner.  This allows you to not only add things to your to-do list the minute you think of them, but it allows you to always know what you need to accomplish.

I use Toodledo, because in addition to the app it also has a web based option.  It allows you to create goals that you tie your daily tasks to and you can even create folders so you can look at only what you have to do at home or work.  Plus you can give each task a priority so your day’s goals are listed in order of how important they are to do.achieve your goals

There are other apps such as Remember the Milk that you can check out.  Keep trying new ones until you find the one you like best.  Remember everyone has a different way of managing tasks, so find the way of tracking that best works for you.

Put everything on your to-do list with a date they must be done; don’t have multiple systems or notes lying all over the place.  Without everything in one place it is hard to see if you have over scheduled yourself!  Once you have selected and set-up your list management, when you get up in the morning, uses this as your guide for what needs to get done.  Simply go down the list of things that need done and you won’t miss out on what you need to do for your goals.

Ignoring this step makes it harder to achieve your goals and manage your time.  Try it for a couple weeks, you might just be amazed at how much extra time you have after you finish everything you need to!  (Already doing this but having no luck?  Time to evaluate if you need to change your goal.)

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Jean C. Whitaker says July 1, 2013

When you get down, remember “Quitters never win and Winners never quit.” Remind yourself that the reason you will achieve your goals is because you are a winner, not a quitter! Step out from the crowd and build a life for yourself that makes you proud!

Jimmie Osborn says July 15, 2013

Task – Tasks help you overcome your Obstacles. Tasks help you break your Obstacles down into smaller pieces. You can use your Tasks as a to-do list to help you identify all of the things needed to overcome your Obstacle. Creating a Task can help you focus on one activity at a time. It helps you achieve your Goal.

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