andrea travillian personal finance expertHi, I am Andrea Travillian

My goal in life is pretty simple: get as many people to save money for their future as possible.

Why?  Because I believe that when you eliminate financial stress, and have a good solid financial base you can change the world and make a difference in others lives.

It is hard to help others fully when you are stressed about your mortgage payment.  It is hard to help others when you yourself are barely getting by.  Even if you are making okay, but not building a solid base it is hard to make massive changes for others – you have to stick to your work and focus on continually bring in more income.

When we save and create a better future for ourselves, we can then create a better future for others.  For our kids, our spouses, our parents, the charities we love and many more can be helped because we had found our own solid ground.

The problem?  While there are many there are a few that are standing in almost everyone’s way.

1. We don’t educate people about personal finance.  This lack of education makes it hard, because we feel like we are the only ones without the skills.  Not to mention when we don’t know what is going on it is easy to get taken advantage of.  Don’t worry though, I am great at teaching complicated concepts with easy step by step actionable advice.

2. We stand in our own way.  Money is scary, we are raised with money beliefs that might be stopping us from making good money decisions, we don’t have the will power to stay the course and so many other personal issues get in our way.  Yet once you can recognize your money road blocks the rest becomes easy.  I write about money blocks, and have create workbooks to help my clients identify issues and get through the personal stuff.

3. We don’t have a plan.  Most of us don’t have a long term well thought out plan to execute on.  This one thing can make a big difference not only in you achieving your dreams but in eliminating many of the other road blocks in your way.  I love to do long term planning, and can help you figure out exactly what you do want and then how to get it!

Saving for your future should not be overwhelming, I can help you see the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with non-business owners?  Yes!  If you are willing to put in the work I am willing to work with you.  My materials will work for business owners and non-business owners!

Do I have to be in the same city as you?  No!  We do our coaching sessions via phone or skype.  I email you all the workbooks, you email me back what you finished and we chat on the phone!


Random Facts About Me

  • I have one husband and one son and one dog – don’t think I could handle more! :)
  • I love the water, I grew up competitively swimming and life guarding.  Every summer involved lots of pool time, when I need to relax now I can be found in the pool or the hot tub!
  • I love to read – every day starts and ends with at least five minutes of reading.
  • I love health and fitness – it is the one thing that keeps my stress levels down.  My favs?  Insanity and Chalean Extreme.
  • Coffee – love the smell, taste, feeling of warmth it gives me.  If I could write songs, I would write one about coffee.
  • We lived in Australia for a couple of years and ever since then travel is a passion.
  • I have a tendency to say some “creative” things – my husband calls them Andreaisms (he is tracking them so he can make a daily calendar some time).  They come in three forms that you can look for:  using not quite the right word, creating my own saying by mixing two together and when I am tired saying things that make sense to me but really make absolutely no sense.  A few examples to make you laugh: “I have been thinking about that since Australia that is why it is in my mouth”, “I consider seafood beefish” and my husbands favorite “My legs are too close to my body”.  Please don’t think less of me, they really are good for a laugh!


Professional Bio

Andrea has been passionate about personal finance very early in life—with her first stock purchase in sixth grade! Andrea’s decided early on to make finance her life’s purpose.  She received her BA in finance at the University of Iowa.  Upon completion Andrea took a position in banking.  With additional career opportunities to follow that involved working in corporate finance with budgets and forecasts, taxes, and retirement investing both in the United States and abroad in Australia.   During this time Andrea completed her MBA from Creighton University.

Upon returning to the United States Andrea decided to make the jump to entrepreneurship and was hooked.   After starting two businesses, Andrea refocused back to her true calling – to help people achieve financial freedom.  Andrea formed Smart Step, Inc in 2007 to educate people about money, help them overcome money road blocks and to help them create their financial future in a safe place.


Andrea is available for speaking and private workshops.