andrea travillianYou’re Doing Well in Business….

But you want to give more, create more and thrive.  And in the back of your head you know you should be saving for a rainy day and retirement.

I can help you do that – without putting in more hours, or taking on more clients or burning yourself out.

Instead we are going to explore how sexy – yes, I said it – SEXY managing your finances can be.

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Thrive Today While Saving for Tomorrow!

Still not sure this money thing is for you?  Let’s take a look at some of those fears and beliefs that are stopping you from being financially successful:

I’m Not Smart Enough, Money is Hard – Everyone is smart enough to manage their money.  Most of the financial principals that you need to use to succeed are basic addition and subtraction.   The hard part is actually getting over your belief that you cannot do it.  Don’t worry about that either, because together we can overcome those nasty fears blocking you.  Once the fears are gone, the math is easy!

I Could Never Make a Million.  That’s Something Other People Do – Anyone can make a million dollars, and many do.  The real issue is getting out of your own way so you can save the million that you will make.  If you make $50,000 a year in 20 years you would have made a million, but we already know you are kicking it and are making more.  If you earn $100,000 you will have made a million in 10 years.  So YES you can make a million, now let’s work on keeping some of that and letting it grow for you.

Budgeting is Horrible.  I Won’t Have any Fun and I Don’t Have That Kind of Willpower – Budgeting is nothing more than a tool to help you get exactly what you want from life.  Have you always dreamed of taking a trip around the world, or owning an amazing home?  Well until you start putting money aside for those and planning it can be tough to get that big lump sum you need.  Want the secret to getting those?  Budgeting – this way you tell your money what you want to do.  Once you know why you are doing a budget, you will create willpower you did not even know you had, because you have a reason for saving.

I Have Plenty of Time to Worry About the Future -  Sure you have time, but you want to talk about real sacrifice?  Sacrifice is what you will have to do if you put of creating a strong financial base today.  Wait for 10 years before you want to retire to start saving and you will have to save more than double than what you would have to save if you started today!  Time is on your side the younger you are, so save today and have more time to play and experience life latter.

Ready to take control of your future?  Ready to kick your money fears to the curb?  Want to begin thriving?

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Thrive Today While Saving for Tomorrow!